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Something different

Hello all, I know it has been a while and I am truly sorry that you all are eating your food without your weekly spices. I know your food has been tasteless and boring and I truly apologize. I just discouraged because not a lot of people have been reading and I’m sure that isContinue reading “Something different”

E3 Aftermath

So, yea E3 happened last week, or was it two weeks ago? Either way it has came and went, so let’s talk about it. Sit back, relax, and let’s get into The Electronic Entertainment Expo. Overview 2021 brought some amazing things to this year’s conference. For example, we got the reveal of Elden Ring, aContinue reading “E3 Aftermath”

E3 Predictions

6-10-2021 Hello all, we are doing something different today we getting a little personal. I think I want to do more personal blogs and news, but today we got something cool. The biggest gaming con in the world, The Electronic Entertainment Expo is this week. The Electronic Entertainment Expo or “E3” is where all theContinue reading “E3 Predictions”

Weekly Spice

5-28-2021 Oh my it’s been a while hasn’t it? It’s been about three weeks and I apologize for the for the wait I’ve been hard at work trying to make money to move out. Now, the wait is over because there is more news than I know what to deal with. With E3 CLOSE onContinue reading “Weekly Spice”

Weekly Spice

4-27-2021 Hello, I know its been about two weeks since we have seen you all but we needed a vacation some time to sit back and relax. But we are here and back at it. So, today we have a little bit of everything for you, from Monster Hunter to Watch Dogs, sit back, relax,Continue reading “Weekly Spice”

Weekly Spice

4-15-2021 Hello again and welcome to the weekly spice. We got the ever seductive lady dimetrescu today so buckle up, grab some popcorn, this is the Weekly Spice. Resident Evil Showcase Today the creators held a presentation that showcased Resident Evil Village’s new trailer. The trailer showed a lot of the beginning story elements andContinue reading “Weekly Spice”

Weekly Spice

4-10-2021 Hello all, sorry for the post last week I hope you all had as much fun with that as I did. I can assure you that everything in this post is for real this time. This week the fighting game community or FGC had a feast filled with juicy reveals and good news. IfContinue reading “Weekly Spice”

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